Colmar Brunton Poll, August 2008

The minor party results for the Colmar Brunton Poll are as follows:

  • United Future              0.7%
  • ACT                             0.6%
  • The Family Party 0.3%
  • Christian Heritage       0.2%
  • Libertarianz                 0.2%
  • The Kiwi Party              0.1%
  • Progressives               0.1%

Key points: The Family Party is still steady at 0.3%, Kiwi is 0.1%, same as last month. The Family Party plus former Christian party votes (Christian Heritage and Destiny) is 0.5%, same as last month. United Future has picked up a few votes and ACT has dropped. Libertarianz and Progressives are registering now when they didn’t last month. This fluctuation illustrates the extremely high error associated with these low percentages.

The Family Party is the highest polling party outside of parliament, polling higher than Kiwi and Progressives, both of which have current MPs and therefore greater publicity by default. The percentage should pick up a bit before the election, once we start campaigning nationwide.

The other interesting point about this poll is that the Green party is at 3.5%, which if they don’t get an electorate seat (which they haven’t yet), would see them out of parliament. As much of the social policies we are against (such as the smacking law) were championed by the Greens, having them out of parliament would probably be positive for families, and probably wouldn’t be negative for the environment as their environmental policies aren’t always very practical anyway. If their votes continue to decline this could be a very interesting election result.

4 Responses to “Colmar Brunton Poll, August 2008”

  1. Stephen Berry Says:

    Libertarianz is performing well!

  2. Colmar Brunton Poll Sep 08 « Samuel Dennis - Family Party candidate for Selwyn Says:

    […] these voters to move to. This comes to 0.5% this poll, holding rock steady – it was 0.5% in both August and July. Once again, this is higher than United Future, Kiwi and  Progressives – three parties […]

  3. underground Says:

    Destiny is not standing either. Are these voters going to turn up to the polling booth, see their preferred party isn’t standing and then go home? No wonder Christian parties have never had much electoral success! And with the Family Party and 0.3, I don’t see this year being any different.

  4. underground Says:

    Whoops, dunno how I managed to comment on both this post and your more recent one on polls! Sorry!

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