Chinese Olympic performers treated inhumanely

I did wonder about the conditions the thousands of performers in the opening ceremony were working in while training. Now we know.

One more example of China’s disdain for human rights, following on from my previous comment on Christianity. Hat tip: Adam Smith

Greens ask for opinions on ETS

The Green party is asking for people’s opinions on how they should vote on the Emissions Trading Scheme. Even though my gut feeling is that it is just an attempt to gain more votes, either as:

  • A publicity stunt to make them sound like they are listening to the public (even though they completely ignored the public over the smacking legislation), with the decision already made in a back room somewhere… OR
  • An attempt to figure out which way they decide will annoy less of the population and so lose them less votes…

… I still feel it is a nice change for a political party to be actually asking for input from the public. Email them your thoughts, if they do actually listen it might delay the ETS until after the election. Then the issue will be making sure National doesn’t introduce one.

More info here.