Email to Greens on ETS

This is the email I have sent to the Greens on the ETS. They do seem genuinely interested in figuring out how to vote, because it is a tough decision for them. Either way they’ll be disagreeing with half their supporters.

I would recommend you vote against the ETS:

Assuming human-induced global warming is correct:

– It won’t help the environment much if at all, even according to Greenpeace.

– It will cost a horrific amount of money for something that does no good. This money could be used to actually help the environment.

– It could force businesses off-shore, probably to Asia, where they will use coal for electricity. It may actually increase global emissions as a result.

– It will depress our economy while favouring foreign countries like China. China is a major military power ruled by a communist government, and may turn out to be one of the largest threats to international peace over the next few decades. We should not be giving them money to strengthen their military at the expense of the West.

Assuming human-induced global warming is incorrect (it is increasingly disputed, each week some new piece of evidence against it seems to come to light), or is correct but we cannot stop it through emissions reductions:

– This certainly won’t help the environment, as it would be based on a false premise.

– It would cost money, force businesses off-shore and depress our economy completely pointlessly.

Best wishes making this decision. I know you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, you’ll annoy half your supporters if you vote either way, so you’re in a rough situation on this one. Stick by what is best for the environment and the economy, and vote against it. Think practically rather than wondering which way would get you more votes (you’d never figure out which way would give you more votes anyway). That way you’ll make the best decision for the country.

It will be very interesting to see how they vote on Tuesday, as it will show whether they are serious about helping the environment (and vote against it), or are more interested in passing green-sounding legislation simply to gain votes (vote for it).

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