Pharmac funding flavoured condoms

Pharmac is now funding flavoured condoms (among many other novel varieties), to help “promote better sexual health practices”.

I understand the reasoning behind Pharmac funding contraception, even though I have some issues with it of course. But the whole point of flavoured condoms is that they are not being used for contraception, when you think about it…

This particular example is government subsidised “entertainment”, with absolutely no health benefit whatever way you look at it, and is taking money away from providing real health services.

2 Responses to “Pharmac funding flavoured condoms”

  1. Basic Sex Education Says:

    Ah… flavoured condoms are usually used during oral sex (as you imply by your “when you think about it”)

    And condoms are more than just contraception you know.. they are also protection against STD’s

    STD’s can be transmitted orally, you do know that right? right?

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    Yes, you can get STDs through oral sex and condoms provide some protection against the rarer STDs such as AIDS.

    However condoms do not protect against the more common STDs likely to be transmitted during oral sex, such as HPV (warts) or herpes, which are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact not (or not exclusively) through bodily fluids.

    The primary purpose of condoms is as contraception, because their level of protection against the most common STDs is low – this is why the most common STDs are common after all, because they can still be transmitted using condoms. Those STDs that are protected against using condoms are rarer, predictably. So funding condoms that are not being used for contraception is a waste of taxpayers money.

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