Greens support greenwash

Just as we all expected, the Greens will support the ETS. They have shown once again that they don’t care about actually helping the environment, they just want to support policies that sound “eco-friendly” to grab the votes of those voters who don’t know the science but think they like the environment.

There goes any last drops of credibility they had.

If you like the environment, support the Family Party this election – the only party who promises to base environmental policy on science.

3 Responses to “Greens support greenwash”

  1. Bliss Says:

    Whether or not humans are causing global warming, and if they are, what response is appropriate, are issues that are hotly debated in the scientific community.

    I thought the Family Party’s environment policy was to be based on science not pseudo-science


  2. Bliss Says:

    Ooops! I should have noted that quote was from the Family Party’s environment policy.


  3. Mr Dennis Says:

    Yes, certainly based on science. Which is why when well-qualified scientists are concerned about an issue, we listen rather than ignoring them.

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