ETS legislation being rushed

The government really is panicking. The Emissions Trading Scheme has been jumped forward to no.1 on the order paper today. Helen Clark really wants this one done while she has Mr Peters’ support.

I predict that she is going to sack Mr Peters or at least express a lack of confidence in him next week, or even tomorrow, as soon as she has this scheme passed. It turns out now that he has lied to her personally about the money, so I expect she can’t wait to get rid of him before association with him damages her party too much.

Let’s see if I’m right…

2 Responses to “ETS legislation being rushed”

  1. kiwipolemicist Says:

    Hi Samuel

    This is a courtesy call to let you know that I’ve placed a link to your Party on my blog:

    Thank you for your kind comment this morning, but I cannot claim the credit for writing that post (I have written all the other posts). For anyone else reading this, a nice comment does *not* buy a link on my blog. However, wads of cash might succeed 🙂

    Kind regards

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    Thanks KP. I’ll remember to mention the wads of cash to anyone else wanting a link from your blog!

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