We have an ETS

Labour’s emissions trading scheme has been passed into law. This is a sad day for New Zealand. And virtually no attention was given to this massive law, the biggest reform since Rogernomics, by the TV media – everyone was focussed on the Winston Peters scandal. That scandal is completely unimportant by comparison, it just made good headlines.

National could have prevented this law being passed, at least today, as they could have delayed it until tomorrow by which stage Winston Peters may be fired. But they appeared to make little effort to do this in parliament today, rather allowing it to go through.

This means New Zealand has ended up with a terribly faulty piece of rushed legislation, that could do immense damage to our economy. National may modify it somewhat, but it will still do a lot of damage.

But National allowed it to be passed today probably because this means they can blame any problems with it on Labour, rather than taking the blame themselves as they would have to if they introduced one.

This is blatant politicising, not working for the good of the country.

If you want this legislation repealed, as every person who cares about the environment and the economy should, there are only two parties that will push for this – The Family Party and Act.

I mention both parties, rather than just pushing the Family Party, because this issue is far too important to just use to gain votes. It could be the biggest issue affecting the country today. There are two parties who will seek to have it repealed, and together we may achieve this. It is too big for one minor party to tackle on their own.

But a vote for National is a vote to keep this disasterous legislation, with some minor tweaks.


Family Party press release on the ETS.


Federated Farmers are justifiably annoyed with this, read their response here.

8 Responses to “We have an ETS”

  1. Sam Says:

    There are two parties (ACT and the Family Party) as you say, and it is a very important issue (as you also say); which means that until I see a poll showing Filipaina in the lead, my vote has to go to ACT. They at least have a guaranteed presence in Parliament meaning my vote won’t be wasted.

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    Very sound reasoning. We will have to wait and see for that poll. When it is taken, you probably will see Filipaina in the lead – that seems to be the way things are heading according to informal polling conducted by the party. I am eagerly awaiting that poll too.

  3. Sam Says:

    Sadly I think Labour will win the seat. If Taito hadn’t stood, then I might have rated Gerry’s chances higher. Taito should be endorsing Gerry and the Family Party.

    It’ll be something like-
    Labour 35%
    Gerry 30%
    Taito 20%

  4. Sam Says:

    Oh, and when do you think a poll is likely? The party really needs to do one soon, rather than waiting on the media.

  5. Mr Dennis Says:

    The party has been doing informal polling, I don’t recall the exact figures but it is already something like what you have written – with Jerry gaining steadily on the Labour candidate, who isn’t a local like Jerry is. By the election Jerry should be well ahead, Labour’s candidate will probably be in on the list anyway so there is no point voting for him, Jerry gives two for the price of one.

    We do need a media poll, as only that will be considered trustworthy by voters using it to decide where to put their party vote. I don’t know when that will happen, but they should start shortly.

  6. Sam Says:

    The party can pay a polling company to do one. They are still acceptable if they are by a reputable firm (Colmar Brunton, UMR etc)

  7. UK Voter Says:

    We have had the ETS for some time and I still find it amazing that we can have such a massive trade is something intangible. The truth, however, is it is just a stealth tax or if you prefer, a redistribution of wealth.

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