Jeanette Fitzsimons – Cars & trucks stopping climate change!

Well, I am pretty sure she didn’t mean to say that in her transport policy speech but what she said was:

Our transport system is systematically biased in favour of cars and trucks, and against trains, buses, ferries, bikes, and people on foot. It is biased against climate change.

Which is great. Our transport system is already working against climate change by encouraging cars and trucks. Hurrah, skip the rest of her speech, we obviously don’t need more regulations if we’re doing such a great job already…

2 Responses to “Jeanette Fitzsimons – Cars & trucks stopping climate change!”

  1. StephenR Says:

    You may or may not care to be the token agricultural scientist at The Standard’s latest offering ‘Mythbusting: we can’t cut emissions from agriculture’…


  2. Isuzu Says:

    La just bought 1000 gas trucks for the city, Hybrids are the new rage cutting fuel costs and emissions by 30 percent, I believe we are on the right road.

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