Smacking law

Family Integrity has an excellent, detailed analysis of the smacking law, old and new.

5 Responses to “Smacking law”

  1. greenfly Says:

    Mr Dennis – do you want the hitting of children to be legalised? It has been made illegal. Do you want it re-legalised, as in ‘Legalise Smacking’?

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    I would like smacking legalised. Feel free to get all emotive about it and label it “hitting” if you like, most of the country isn’t falling for that based on the surveys.

  3. greenfly Says:

    Not emotional at all Mr Dennis. Would you put a bumper sticker on your car saying, ‘Legalize Smacking’?

  4. greenfly Says:

    With regard Section 59, are you suggesting a return to the pre Sue Bradford state, where whipping and belting parents escaped prosecution because of the clause/ Or do you have an alternate ammendment to put foward. I’d love to hear it Mr Dennis.

  5. Mr Dennis Says:

    Where can I buy one of those bumper stickers?

    Greenfly, very few parents escaped “whipping and beating” because of the clause. At present we are suggesting a return to the original state of the law, because that is the simplest way to fix the ridiculous situation we are currently in. Given the current level of publicity around this I would find it unlikely that many juries would let someone off for beating using this clause.

    Adjusting the wording to specifically allow smacking and disallow beating could possibly be done later if it were deemed necessary, but we have no plans to do this at present, the important thing now is to fix the current stupid law, Which you think is a good law. I doubt we’ll ever agree on this one Greenfly.

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