Liquor store owner charged for defending store

Life is certainly tough for liquor store and corner dairy owners. Navtej Singh was shot dead in June, Nike defended himself with an air pistol in August, and this week we have had another attack.

Three shopkeepers had to be hospitalised after they were attacked with a knife after refusing a group of teens entry to their bottle shop.

But when the youths turned nasty, the shop owners decided to fight back with a hockey stick, leaving one of the alleged offenders beaten and bloodied.

Now, assuming the article is correct, it certainly sounds as though the shopkeepers were genuinely acting in self-defence, but the police are now laying charges against one shopkeeper. Now I expect the police believe he first acted in self-defence but went over the top, and wouldn’t want to pre-judge the case without knowing all the facts. But if I were defending my store against someone who had stabbed me in the leg with a knife, I expect I would get pretty violent too, you don’t exactly think rationally when someone has stabbed you in the leg.

I hope the police know something we don’t, because otherwise this sounds very worrying, if someone trys to attack you, and gets beaten up as a result, I would think they had got what they deserved, there seems little justification to prosecute anyone but the instigator.

This case will be very interesting.

EDIT: Now we have another attack. What is the country coming to?

3 Responses to “Liquor store owner charged for defending store”

  1. Shop keepers under attack have limited powers with which to defend their property « Kiwi Polemicist Says:

    […] been quite a stink about the police charging a shop keeper for dealing to a youth (click here and here) who was part of a group that invaded the shop in an aggressive manner. At this point we […]

  2. kiwipolemicist Says:

    The days when we could trust the police to exercise common sense are long gone in this country: I think that part of it lies in them wanting to cover their tails but prosecuting anything that can be prosecuted (unless the offender is a member of the Labour government) and letting the courts carry the can.

    I’ve been looking at the law:

  3. Death to all Politicians Says:

    dont blame the police, blame the government. blame our MPs. the police are marely just puppets of our members of parlaiment who are common bloodstained criminals, the scum of humanity, the paraasites upon ordinary new zealanders. Our members of parliament who support prosecuting people who fight off home invaders/robbers/asaulters/rapists/muggers etc. are criminals themselves…they are committing high treason by way of levying war against the state and people of New Zealand..these MP’s need to be arrested, detained without trial or access to a lawyer, tourtured by many many lashes of electric wire, electric shocks, having there fingernails ripped out and industrial alcohol poured over there wounds before being tried for treason. They will be denied a trial by jury or access to a lawyer and a judge will then sentance them to die horridly via hanging from a rusty meathook with piano wire used as rope

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