Colmar Brunton poll September 08

The Colmar Brunton poll is now out, and things continue to look up for The Family Party. The percentages have jumped around a bit again as they always do for the minor parties, due to the error at these low values, but the latest result is:

  • NZ First                    2.6%
  • United Future           0.7%
  • Act NZ                     0.6%
  • The Family Party  0.3%
  • Christian Heritage    0.2%
  • Libertarianz              0.2%
  • Kiwi Party                  0.1%
  • Progressives            0.1%

The Family Party is sitting on 0.3%, as in July and August. This is not very high yet, we need to push our publicity over the next few weeks, but is steady. We are still the best-supported party outside parliament and are polling higher than two parties with current seats. Family + CH + Destiny (which I have been using to guage the conservative voters that are interested in a Christian party) is once again steady on 0.5%, as it has been for 4 months.

Kiwi is down on 0.1%, once again showing they haven’t a hope this election and conservative voters need to get behind the one party with a chance of actually making a difference – The Family Party. NZ First would be gone if they can’t take a seat, which would make our votes count a bit more. Libertarianz are doing well.

The Family Party List

The Family Party list has been announced today, the full press release is here.

  1. Richard Lewis, Manurewa (Leader)
  2. Paul Adams, East Coast Bays (Deputy Leader)
  3. Angela Xu, Northcote
  4. George Ngatai, List only
  5. Papali’i Poutoa Papali’i, Manukau East
  6. Samuel Dennis, Selwyn
  7. Dr Michael Kidd, Waitakere
  8. Melanie Taylor, Northland
  9. Karl Adams, Rodney
  10. Louise Cleary, North Shore
  11. Paul Tankard, Clutha-Southland
  12. Yih Woh Chong, List only
  13. Elias Kanaris, List only
  14. Galumalemana Jerry Filipaina (Electorate only)

There are a good mix of ethnicities, with Chinese, Pacific, Maori and NZ European all in the top six, and a wide range of vocations too. All in all an excellent range of candidates that can represent families from all walks of life.