Colmar Brunton poll September 08

The Colmar Brunton poll is now out, and things continue to look up for The Family Party. The percentages have jumped around a bit again as they always do for the minor parties, due to the error at these low values, but the latest result is:

  • NZ First                    2.6%
  • United Future           0.7%
  • Act NZ                     0.6%
  • The Family Party  0.3%
  • Christian Heritage    0.2%
  • Libertarianz              0.2%
  • Kiwi Party                  0.1%
  • Progressives            0.1%

The Family Party is sitting on 0.3%, as in July and August. This is not very high yet, we need to push our publicity over the next few weeks, but is steady. We are still the best-supported party outside parliament and are polling higher than two parties with current seats. Family + CH + Destiny (which I have been using to guage the conservative voters that are interested in a Christian party) is once again steady on 0.5%, as it has been for 4 months.

Kiwi is down on 0.1%, once again showing they haven’t a hope this election and conservative voters need to get behind the one party with a chance of actually making a difference – The Family Party. NZ First would be gone if they can’t take a seat, which would make our votes count a bit more. Libertarianz are doing well.

5 Responses to “Colmar Brunton poll September 08”

  1. Madeleine Says:

    Where did you get your poll?

    Christian Heritage does not exist anymore.

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    In order to not influence the result polling companies generally just ask who people will vote for and record whatever they say. Apparently 0.2% of the country still think they exist and would like to vote for them, if you know anyone like this make sure they know The Family Party is the closest replacement and would love their vote.

  3. dave Says:

    The Christian Heritage party is polling badly – it was 0.6 percent a few months back, its not as if it released any policy. ( heh).

  4. underground Says:

    Destiny is not standing either. Are these voters going to turn up to the polling booth, see their preferred party isn’t standing and then go home? No wonder Christian parties have never had much electoral success! And with the Family Party and 0.3, I don’t see this year being any different.

  5. Mr Dennis Says:

    The key issue is whether we can take an electorate seat. The main reasons for our low polling at present are:
    – Lack of public awareness (new party).
    – Lack of faith in our ability to achieve representation.

    If we have a poll come out before the election showing us leading, or with a good chance of overtaking, in an electorate (most likely Mangere or East Coast Bays) before the election, you can expect reason 2 to be satisfied and our polling increase significantly. If we do not show this in a poll, but take an electorate seat at the election, you can expect our polling to increase significantly in the following election, having demonstrated our ability to win a seat.

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