The Family Party List

The Family Party list has been announced today, the full press release is here.

  1. Richard Lewis, Manurewa (Leader)
  2. Paul Adams, East Coast Bays (Deputy Leader)
  3. Angela Xu, Northcote
  4. George Ngatai, List only
  5. Papali’i Poutoa Papali’i, Manukau East
  6. Samuel Dennis, Selwyn
  7. Dr Michael Kidd, Waitakere
  8. Melanie Taylor, Northland
  9. Karl Adams, Rodney
  10. Louise Cleary, North Shore
  11. Paul Tankard, Clutha-Southland
  12. Yih Woh Chong, List only
  13. Elias Kanaris, List only
  14. Galumalemana Jerry Filipaina (Electorate only)

There are a good mix of ethnicities, with Chinese, Pacific, Maori and NZ European all in the top six, and a wide range of vocations too. All in all an excellent range of candidates that can represent families from all walks of life.

11 Responses to “The Family Party List”

  1. kiwipolemicist Says:

    Why is Richard standing in Manurewa where any dead goat with a red collar would get elected?

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    Richard was intending to stand in Manukau East, but Papali’i is more well-known and highly regarded in that electorate, so he vacated that seat for Papali’i and recently shifted to Manurewa. Richard has policed in Manurewa and feels he could represent that electorate well. Having said that the primary three electorates we are pushing to take are still Mangere, East Coast Bays, and Manukau East.

  3. josh Says:

    Why does your website say that Jerry is not standing on the list, when he is? Which one is wrong?

    Is this a deliberate lie?

  4. Mr Dennis Says:

    I understood Jerry was to only stand in the electorate. As you have noticed, he has actually been placed at 14 on the list. Effectively this means he is only standing in the electorate, as the last name on the list he is unlikely to get in this way. But yes, you are correct that in doing this he is technically on the list, which I just confirmed for myself on the official elections site here:

    This is not a deliberate lie, but it is a technical error, thankyou for drawing it to my attention.

    Where in the website does it say he is not on the list? I will pass that information on to the webmaster for correction.

  5. Mr Dennis Says:

    Thanks Josh, I have raised the issue with the party president and it will be sorted soon. The original intention was to not have him on the list at all, hence the wording, however he has obviously ended up on the bottom of the list for some reason – which is effectively the same thing but not as clear-cut.

  6. Sam Says:

    It still has it there as saying he is not on the list, when he very much is.

    It’s quite misleading.

  7. Sam Says:

    STILL there.

    Is this mistruth going to continue right until election day?!

  8. josh Says:

    Still there today too.

    If it’s a mistake, why hasn’t it been fixed. Seems like you are intentionally lying now.

  9. Mr Dennis Says:

    Josh, were I the webmaster it would have been fixed a week ago. I have been pushing to have this fixed ever since you initially pointed it out and cannot understand why it is taking so long. I do apologise.

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