Tax cuts

The Family Party is aiming to work towards a lower, flatter tax structure. This means as you earn more money, you don’t get penalised as heavily as your income moves into higher tax brackets.

But whenever you propose anything like this, people complain that you are giving more money to the rich than you are to the poor. Well, that is completely untrue. The rich pay the majority of the tax take anyway, you are just allowing them to keep a little bit more of their own money. But this is easy to forget.

Homepaddock has an excellent illustration that I would encourage you to read here, that shows who is actually benefiting from our tax system. It is most certainly the poor, and no tax cuts for the “rich” will change that.

Green party profile

The Dim-Post has an excellent satirical profile of the Green party. My favourite quote:

Stands For: Social justice; poverty reduction, achieving a progressive economy, restorative justice, making New Zealand a truly equal and egalitarian society. The party remains deeply divided over whether it should also promote environmental policies.

Many a true word is spoken in jest. Although the Green party gets heaps of votes from people who think they’re the eco-friendly option, in practice the policies they have actually managed to push through are social things, like banning smacking – which most of the country is opposed to. They focus on meddling with people’s lives and promoting extreme socialism, and do little for the environment. If you care about the environment, don’t vote Green – vote for a party that will actually help the environment, and has practical, workable policies that don’t undermine private property rights.

Such as The Family Party of course!