Bob McCoskrie threatened as result of EFA

Bob McCoskrie (director of Family First) has had a thousand knives stuck into his front lawn, and a threatening note left by four women dressed in black. It is presumed they obtained his address from an authorisation statement, probably on the Value Your Vote website.

A thousand knives in the lawn of Bob McCoskries house

A thousand knives in the lawn of Bob McCoskrie's house

This is what happens when you require residential addresses to be published. The Libertarianz are making the strongest stand on this issue so far, and are including the phrase “As demanded by: Helen Clark, 4 Cromwell St, Mt Eden” in all their authorisation statements. However Helen Clark is pretty safe, as No Minister points out:

It’s a generalisation , I admit, but decent right-thinking people don’t do things like this, while left-wing troublemakers do.

So seeing no-one on the right would ever condone or even consider such behaviour, it is perfectly safe for me to repeat (hang on, I’ll just let you get your pen and paper) that Helen Clark’s address is 4 Cromwell St, Mt Eden.

I will let Bob McCoskrie have the last word (from the Family First weekly email):

THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS we will not be silenced . Whenever we speak up on issues like marriage, the breakdown of family, the anti-smacking law and the role of parents, the pornography industry and public nudity, prostitution, pro-life issues including abortion and euthanasia, and many other topics that families are concerned about, we are going to make enemies . I’m the first to admit that we don’t always get it right, but we cannot afford to walk away from the opportunity we have to speak up from a family perspective on these crucial issues.

What keeps us going is knowing that there are many many of you who are standing with us on these issues .

UPDATE: The vandals have apologised, with an anonymous note that says:

I see you didn’t take our little prank as it was intended, just as a little bit of harmless fun, just some plastic and spare time, I hope you could see the funny side of it…

Never-the-less were truly sorry if this has in anyway, offended or scared you emotionally physically or mentally…

Were Sorry,

Must be some young pranksters, as the note has the excellent command of the English language you can expect from school leavers these days. But good to know they are polite young pranksters.

9 Responses to “Bob McCoskrie threatened as result of EFA”

  1. dave Says:

    Mr dennis, theres beenan update to this story Another note has been left

  2. ZenTiger Says:

    This is not harmless fun, and the lack of compassion some people have underscore this fact so clearly.

    A radio show recently rang a South African women with a 15 month old baby, posing as immigration officials and convinced her that the baby was being deported to SA the next day. She was in tears. The sad thing is that the husband had gone along with the joke, and it hadn’t dawned on him the emotional impact such a bit of ‘harmless fun’ would have.

    The radio announcers appear unrepentant.

    I am disgusted with them and the poor women’s husband.

  3. Sb Says:

    But What was the message that they were trying to send?

    A thousand forks in the lawn means what?


  4. Madeleine Says:

    Thats a bit off putting Helen’s address up there so blatently. Despite your words the intent and context appears that you hope someone will attack her residence.

    I bet Helen is horrified that it happened (and I am NO fan of Helen’s)

  5. Mr Dennis Says:

    Point taken Madeline, I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to attack her residence, and I am sure she would be horrified by this incident too. I considered that because her address is public information, is all over the blogs and even up on billboards around the country now there was no harm in me repeating it in jest. And she gets police protection apparently as part of her position so her residence is highly unlikely to be harmed by anyone.

    NotPC justifies using her address publicly here:

    I am using my own address as an authorisation statement in my local campaign, so I am also in the same position as Mr McCoskrie and acutely aware of the risk this law poses to my own family. I see no reason why Ms Clark, who introduced the law, should not be in the same position as ourselves.

  6. greenfly Says:

    Mr Dennis – you’re being deceitful! Not a good look for someone wanting to fly a Christian flag! Ugly little post that one.

  7. Mr Dennis Says:

    Deceitful? In what way?

  8. greenfly Says:

    Madeleine got it right. It’s not funny and I’m not surprised at you.

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