Family Party on Economic Crisis

The Family Party have released our strategy on the economic crisis. As we analysed the issue we found that our policies were already very good regarding the global situation. Our strategy:

  • Recognises that we need a cross-party response, and we wish to work with the expertise of National and Act post-election to manage the crisis.
  • Promotes economic activity within NZ to work out of the crisis.
  • Eases the burden on families during the crisis.

I would encourage you to read the full strategy. Some key points are:

  • Keeping more money in the economy through
    • Lower taxes
    • Reducing bureaucracy
    • Repealing the ETS, withdrawing from Kyoto
    • Interest rate cuts
    • An urgent review of all public sector expenditure
  • Helping families through
    • Targeted tax cuts (GST off essentials)
    • Favouring NZ companies for government contracts (maintaining employment in NZ)
    • Maintaining and expanding (where possible) employment in law enforcement and defence
    • Work-for-the-dole as a final resort if despite all the above unemployment still rises significantly, if you are paying people the dole anyway they may as well be doing something useful

We support a government guarantee of deposits because everyone else is doing it, and we risk funds being moved over to countries where there are these guarantees if we don’t do it too, risky as it may be. But our guarantee would only be extended to reputable firms and would be reviewed every six months, so is far more sensible than Labour’s very risky all-inclusive long-term guarantee.

I believe this is a very balanced response to the crisis, and takes care of the key issues for both families and the wider economy. But we recognise that we don’t know everything, and we need a National-led government to have the expertise to manage this crisis, with us in there too to ensure families are supported.

Candidates for Selwyn

The full candidate list for Selwyn is out:

ADAMS, Amy National Party
COATES, David Labour Party
DENNIS, Samuel Family Party
MAIN, Philippa Jim Anderton’s Progressive
NORMAN, Victoria United Future
WATSON, Ivor ACT New Zealand
WILLIAMSON, Eleanor Kiwi Party
WOODS, Bill Independent

The most notable names on that list are

  • Amy Adams, the National candidate in an electorate National has held for decades.
  • Bill Woods, former Selwyn District Council mayor and very well known in the area.
  • Samuel Dennis, a local man who has lived in the electorate virtually all his life, whose family have been here since 1868, who has a lot to offer the electorate, and who is writing this post!

I do not recognise any other names from before the campaign, although I have met Ivor Watson, David Coates and Eleanor Williamson now.

Everyone expects this to be won by Amy Adams, National could stand a dead hedgehog in this seat and they’d have a chance, so despite all her good qualities (which I expect are considerable), her greatest one is the fact that she is wearing a National rosette. Bill Woods however is a very strong opponent. He is a long-time NZ First man however, which could work against him in the current political climate, but as he is standing as an independent few people will realise this. So it will be an interesting campaign, being up against these two strong candidates.

I don’t know much about the others. As far as I can gather (from the Malvern News, websites, the White Pages etc):

  • Ivor Watson moved to Christchurch in 2005, and has just recently come into the electorate with the latest boundary change.
  • Eleanor Williamson appears to live in Westmorland, so is also a Christchurch resident that happens to be just within the new boundary. It does not sound like she has lived here for long based on the Kiwi Party website.
  • David Coates has lived in Darfield for 6 years.
  • Philippa Main lives in Rolleston, I have no idea how long they have been here.
  • Victoria Norman has only been in NZ for 7 years, some of which has been in Wellington, so she can’t have been in Canterbury long. I have no idea where she lives.

So Watson, Williamson, Coates and Norman appear to be newcomers to the area who are unlikely to be known widely. The most well-known candidate will be Bill Woods, probably followed by Amy Adams (due primarily to National’s popularity) and myself.

If you know anything about the candidates I may find useful, please comment.