Kiwi Party election chances

Ok, we all know the Kiwi Party hasn’t got a hope of gaining any seats this election. They need an electorate seat. They are pinning their hopes on Tauranga, which Baldock will never take in the current political climate.

I have found, when discussing this with Kiwi Party supporters (such as at Being Frank) and even with a Kiwi Party candidate at a “meet the candidates” meeting last night:

Even strong Kiwi Party supporters & candidates know they haven’t got a hope

Yet they are still pushing for party votes, and say “no vote is wasted if you are voting with your convictions”.

This is ridiculous. They know they won’t get in. They know any vote for them will not change the makeup of parliament. Yet they are still trying to take votes off other parties.

If someone is “voting with their convictions”, and likes Kiwi Party moral policy, they will probably also agree with the Family Party policy – and the Family Party actually has a chance of taking electorate seats (Mangere, East Coast Bays, Manukau East). Therefore these moral votes could be used by the Family Party, but will certainly be wasted on the Kiwi Party.

Alternatively these votes could have been used by National, to at least change the government (Kiwi have said they will not work with Labour so must want a change of government).

I have refrained from posting much on this issue up till now, as I don’t like to criticise our Christian brothers & sisters in Kiwi – I wish I was working alongside them rather than against them. But to have even a Kiwi Party candidate clearly understand voting for them would not do anything to change the government, yet still try and take votes we could use effectively, just tipped me over the edge.

If they know they don’t have a hope, they should encourage their supporters to vote for Family or National. Otherwise every bit of campaigning they do makes a Labour-led government MORE likely.

6 Responses to “Kiwi Party election chances”

  1. Lee Says:


    I’m curious as to why the Kiwi and Family parties are running separate campaigns in the first place, and they are even separate parties. This seems like a waste of resources and will unnecessary split the Christian vote.

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    It is certainly a waste of resources, and will unnecessarily split the Christian vote.

    Last year an attempt was made to form one unified Christian party to contest this election – The Family Party. However negotiations broke down for one reason or another, and Copeland and Baldock chose to leave and reform Future NZ (as Kiwi), while Field went his way to form Pacific. So The Family Party is the result of this attempt to form a united party, unfortunately some chose to go their own way. I was not involved and am not willing to say who was right or wrong in those disagreements (although I of course have my own view), but each side thinks they were right.

    At the end of the day the key issue separating us is the same one that separated Christian Heritage from the Christian Democrats / Future NZ – the issue of whether you should be a Christian party (like Christian Heritage, the Destiny Party and now the Family Party), or just recognise Judeo-Christian values (like Christian Democrats / Future NZ / Kiwi). It is this issue that snags any attempt to bring everyone together.

    I can only pray that voters will see that they need to support the only one of the two with any chance of gaining an electorate seat – the Family Party. I expect once we have demonstrated we can do this this election Kiwi’s support will flock to us for the next election, but we could do with that support now.

  3. Lee Says:

    In all honesty, do you seriously rate the chances of the FP winning an election seat? All positive boosterism aside.

    I ask because if it looks as though National is going to clearly win on the day I would seriously consider giving my party vote to you guys.

  4. Mr Dennis Says:

    Yes, I honestly do rate our chances. I have been round Mangere with Jerry and seen how he is recognised all around the place. He has been putting in the hard yards unlike anyone else and I would be surprised if he didn’t take this out.

    I also feel Paul Adams has a good chance in East Coast Bays. I have not been round Manukau East myself so cannot comment knowledgeably on that electorate.

    Hopefully we will have some poll results soon to answer this.

  5. dave Says:

    Hopefully we will have some poll results soon to answer this.
    I`ll blog them if you do. Then eat my hat live on webcam

  6. Mr Dennis Says:

    I’ll look forward to it. What will you eat if we actually take out Mangere or ECB in the election?

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