The Brick Testament

Bible stories made from lego! Really, really well done. I am very impressed with the quality of the photos.

Check before showing some stories to kids if you don’t want them to see lego people having sex or cut in half however, the stories are exactly as told in the Bible – which I like, it is nice to see he has stuck to the text.

Hat tip: Not PC (yes, I was very surprised to find it from that particular blog!)

EDIT: On closer investigation some of the stories cross the line into gross indecency – wherever there is the slightest chance to portray something sexual the author finds the most disgusting thing he can illustrate with lego figures to illustrate the point. So view with caution. Definitely not for children. Furthermore some of the illustrations, though the text is the exact Biblical text, are chosen specifically to be satirical rather than educational. But some of the stories may well be of use, at least those that don’t involve sex. They are very well made.

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