Key will ignore smacking referendum

After all that effort having a petition, so we will have a referendum on the smacking law next year, John Key has now come out and said he won’t even listen to it. We all knew Helen Clark wouldn’t, but I was hoping for better from Key.

“We’ll have respect for what the referendum says, but it wouldn’t make us change our mind because there is no point in changing the law if it is working as intended…”

If he does see that the law isn’t working as intended (by which I assume he means the police are charging people with smacking rather than using their discretion as per National’s amendment), then he may consider changing the law. So that tempers it a little. But he is still announcing that the referendum won’t influence him to change the law whatever the result, which is pretty arrogant (and stupid politics just before the election).

I want a change of government for sure, he should still be better than Clark. But this shows once again that we need the Family Party in that government if we want it to listen to the will of the people.

Hat Tip: Family First

4 Responses to “Key will ignore smacking referendum”

  1. Lee Says:

    This is a major shame. I thought that Key would listen to a referendum on the issue.

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  3. Alan Liefting Says:

    Referenda are non-binding. Key does not have to abide by it. Referenda can be skewed by strong lobbying for a specific outcome, so there is no point in having them.

  4. Mr Dennis Says:

    Or you could say:
    “Elections can be skewed by strong lobbying for a specific outcome, so there is no point in having them.”
    Either you believe in democracy or you don’t. And if you don’t, please say so openly – and people can choose whether or not to democratically elect you based on that admission.

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