Hororata Fair

I will be at the “Hororata Country Spring Fair” on Monday, which is what they’re calling the St John’s Church Fair these days. If you want to meet me, keep an eye out for the truck with the billboards on the back – you can’t miss it!

St John’s Anglican Church, Hororata

9:30am – 2pm

Monday 27 October

3 Responses to “Hororata Fair”

  1. redfish Says:

    Showing up with your “truck” against the wishes of the vicar and vestry was a REALLY bad move. Everybody was talking about how arrogant you looked. Perhaps you could also stop parking it on the grass verge on the main road – that’s public land and you can’t advertise from there.

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    I actually asked permission from the organiser of the stalls before coming, and arranged it all a few days ago. They knew exactly who I am and that I was advertising a political party, and chose that particular site for me themselves. If they neglected to check with the vestry whether it was appropriate before approving my stall, that is not my fault. I would not have come without prior approval. Furthermore while at the fair I talked to the vicar and she expressed no objection.

    I do apologise if any offence was caused, but will remind you that both Amy Adams and David Coates were there too, Amy Adams also had a vehicle parked in a prominent position. If you only noticed me, I will take that as a compliment about the effectiveness of my advertising as opposed to theirs.

  3. Mr Dennis Says:

    By the way “redfish”, if you have a genuine complaint please contact me and identify yourself, rather than giving a fake email address, and I will be very willing to discuss this issue. I have no problem accepting genuine criticism from people who are willing to provide contact details for further discussion of their concerns, but have little time for anonymous abuse.

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