Operating system stats

StatCounter shows all sorts of interesting information. Currently the visitors to this blog are running the following operating systems:

Windows XP       47%
Mac OS X          27%
Linux                 16%
Windows Vista    8%

This is a tiny sample of internet users, but it is still quite interesting. As expected most people use XP. Most interesting is that twice as many visitors use Linux than Vista. Does this actually mean more people use Linux than Vista? If so it certainly suggests Microsoft’s dominance may be slipping.

I run Ubuntu Linux, which is an essential download for all those viewers struggling along with Vista, but my visits are not recorded.

Web browser stats

Having installed StatCounter a few weeks back, I can now see all sorts of interesting statistics about the visitors to this blog (Big Brother Is Watching You!). One very interesting thing is the browser stats, the top performers being:

Firefox                     50%
Safari                      26%
Internet Explorer     14%
Chrome                     5%

Firefox has really taken over from Internet Explorer, if the visitors to this blog are anything to go by. Even the latest versions of IE, that have tabbed browsing, aren’t being used much by my visitors. I am surprised how many people are using Safari, but I suspect the latest versions are better than the dodgy old one I’m used to.

I run Firefox 3.0 myself, but my visits are not recorded on the stats.