Child dropped from bridge – blame politicians

A man has dropped his 4 year old daughter to her death from a bridge in Australia. So who do people blame?

The roading authorities. Because there weren’t any safety barriers stopping him.

That is ridiculous. If someone is wicked enough to want to kill their daughter, they’ll figure out a way to do it. If there are barriers on that bridge they’ll just do it somewhere else. You can’t expect the government to prevent every problem. Why do people have to find someone other than the perpetrator to blame whenever something like this happens?

No, this girl died because her father is a sick idiot. That is all.

3 Responses to “Child dropped from bridge – blame politicians”

  1. Sb Says:

    I think you are over reading the article. The first mention of barriers comes almost at the end of the article. The only quote is from a Polly taking cheap tasteless shots at his political opponent, which after all they all do given any opportunity.

    I suspect that there is some history about whether to put barriers up and who will pay for them from the way he is talking. Without this history we don’t really have enough information to know what he is talking about.


  2. kiwipolemicist Says:

    Sb: barriers are mentioned in the first paragraph and there is a clear tone of reprobation:

    An appalling act of cruelty has seen the Victorian government finally rushing to put up security fences on Melbourne’s highest bridge.

    Then the politicians rush around like headless chickens in order to give an appearance of care and to justify their access to the taxpayer-filled trough:

    Plans are already being drawn up to install safety barriers on the bridge after emergency talks with Victoria’s roading authority, but many are asking why the barriers were not put in place long before now.

    “I don’t want to get into the blame game about previous governments or when it was first built,” says Steve Brumby, Victoria premier. “The fact is it needs to be addressed now.”

    The article makes this unsubstantiated statement:
    the public’s fury is directed at the politicians, not just him.

    When people expect the politicians to prevent evil we lose our freedom: just look at the USA since 2001. Expecting politicians to fix problems is a form of infantilism which the nanny state welcomes with cold and poisonous mammaries.

  3. Mr Dennis Says:

    Sb, I posted this after seeing the report on TV3 news, where the primary focus came across as being the lack of barriers, The print article may not be quite as strong, but as KP has pointed out, it is mentioned right from the start.

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