Anti-Christian discrimination in Britain

“Foster mother struck off for letting Muslim girl convert to Christianity”

If you thought religious discrimination was getting bad in Britain, it’s just got a whole lot worse:

A foster mother has been struck off the register for allowing a Muslim girl in her care to convert to Christianity…. Although she is a practising Anglican, she said she had put no pressure on the girl who was baptised last year at the age of 16. She said social workers had also raised no objections to her own attendance at church.

But officials insist she failed in her duty to preserve the girl’s religion and should have tried to stop the baptism.

Last April, they ruled that the girl, now 17, should stay away from church for six months. …

Mike Judge, a spokesman for [the Christian Institute], said: ‘All people should be free to change or modify their religious beliefs. ‘That surely must be a core human right in any free society.

‘I cannot imagine that an atheist foster carer would be struck off if a Christian child in her care stopped believing in God. This is the sort of double standard which Christians are facing in modern Britain.

So the local government officials have:
– Forbidden a Christian from attending church.
– Punished a woman for allowing someone to change their religion (how on earth do you stop a 16 year old from changing their religion anyway?).

That is government suppression of freedom of religion, as practiced under communism and Islamic law. It has no place in either a Christian or a secular country.

Prepare for an influx of (still more) British migrants, fleeing Islam. Hopefully we can resist the same sick policies here.

12 Responses to “Anti-Christian discrimination in Britain”

  1. Mats Says:

    I like your blog. Gonna link to it in my own.

    Thaks for the comments.

    Question: Have you been having a lot of brits moving to NZ?

    God bless

  2. Mats Says:

    “Forbidden a Christian from attending church”

    I totally missed (did not assimilate) this part.

    What is a suposed “secular” government (there is no neutrality – Luke 11:23) doign forbiding the free exercize of religion?

  3. redtom Says:

    this is just another example of western govt’s bowing to the politically correct brigade, if the fostererer was a muslim and the child turned to islam…nothing would have been said or done by the authourities. christianity is being eroded from all sectors of society in the rush to please other religions. funny how discrimination does not seem to matter, everyday another chrisyian is reprimanded for believing in jesus…it would be interesting to find out the religions of the social workers, i am sure there is no bias there !

  4. Mr Dennis Says:

    Mats: I understand there are quite a few Brits moving here, because Britain is becoming so crazy. They see NZ as a similar society to Britain in the 50’s or so. But NZ is changing fast too, not to a Muslim society but to a very liberal secular one – which despite its flaws is still preferable to living under Sharia law!

  5. Karl Says:

    The majority of expat Brits I have met this past year have come to the conclusion that, to quote one of them, ” the UK is stuffed” ( as is Europe ) and indeed NZ is like the UK once was.
    The undermining of Christianity is just as prevelant in this country, ( although not as blatant as in the UK ) particularly during the past 9 years of the previous government, indeed the erosion of Christian principles was the basis of the Family Party platform.

    It is interesting to note that whilst Christianity is coming under increasing attack in western countries, it is growing at a massive rate in the 3rd world.

    The overwhelming growth internationally in anti-semitism ( as demonstrated during and after the Gaza war ) and the undermining of Christianity are indicative of the times in which we now live from a prophetic, biblical, point of view. As the world comes against both faiths which are of the same vine, it will be the Christians who will be Israel’s only ally in these last days. ( oh and God )

    Ummm wandered off the subject a bit did’nt I

  6. Mr Dennis Says:

    Don’t worry about wandering off the subject Karl, all these issues are related, you can’t consider them in isolation. We do need to stand up for Christianity here, and hopefully the more conservative Brits that come over the more votes there will be for conservative parties.

  7. Mats Says:

    Yeah, the conservatives brits will realize that, unless they defend the judeo-christian worldview in NZ, what is happening in the UK will happen in NZ.

    And, yes, the Lord Jesus is making up an army of believers in the so called “poor nations” (but rich in faith!).

    One day we’ll wake up and realize that most CHristian missionaries in europe are either black, indian or chinese. What a twist of events.

  8. Gregg Says:

    English Christians are the last persecuted group left , unprotected by overwheening politically correct legislation.

    Like the blog and will link to it.

  9. Christian nurse suspended for offering prayer to patient « CCL: Christian Classical Liberalist Says:

    […] Click here for a related post by Samuel Dennis. Published in: […]

  10. kiwipolemicist Says:

    So it’s fine for the state to dictate the girl’s religion, but anyone else who tried that would be hung on a gibbet.

    The UK and EU are sick places, with gross violations of personal freedoms and rampant political correctness. I believe that NZ is headed down the same path.

    Last week I was reading about a case closely related to what you have covered here:

    (That post was on my agenda for this week: great minds think alike)

  11. gordon weare Says:

    That is why John Key appears to be more pc than the ousted pc-Labour party – Goes to show how much the covert, socially subversive, battalions of pc-hippy-offspring have penetrated, compromised, and become a big pc-cuckoo in the nest of our once sane society. I sprayed my basement with an anti-Bora spray, on the bottles instructions it said:- ecotoxic to aquatic invertebrates ! Typical pc, it was just too much to say simply KILLS FISH! PC and its fancy hypobole words. PC = The Language of Cowards.

  12. samuel welsh Says:

    respect for all religious groups
    no christian hate

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