ALDI supermarkets in New Zealand?

Sunday tonight was looking at supermarket prices and the lack of competition in NZ. They said there are rumours that ALDI is looking at the New Zealand market – they are already in Australia.

ALDI is a German supermarket chain, we usually shopped there when in Ireland. They are a very basic, small supermarket. They have a very limited range of products. For example, if you want tinned spaghetti, they’ll have one option.

That option will be of medium-good quality (think Pams) but priced about the same as the cheapest option in any other supermarket.

We have actually found at least one item here that is identical to what we purchased in Ireland, made in the same country, but with a Pams sticker on here and an ALDI sticker on in Ireland. So that is about the quality you get.

There will be a few items you can’t get there, so maybe once a month you have to go somewhere else to top up on spices or something random. But in general ALDI has everything you need, for a very good price. With very poor service however.

In addition they have random stuff like computers, power tools, clothing etc that changes week to week – they seem to get in a pallet of anything they can get cheap and stock it only until they are sold out. It is a completely different model to the massive supermarkets we are used to in NZ.

I hope they do come here. We’ve been missing ALDI and their major rival Lidl (same basic concept) ever since we got back. Either of those chains starting in NZ would really shake things up, the more competition the better.

I’m really missing their tinned bacon and lentil soup…

34 Responses to “ALDI supermarkets in New Zealand?”

  1. Mr Dennis Says:

    My wife is getting very excited about the prospect of Aldi coming here too!

  2. Ozy Mandias Says:

    Sounds like a make of car, not a supermarket.

    For me Supermarkets are frustrating. too mnay people ad too mnay lines. Has anyone given the delivery service that they run a go???

  3. Mary Austin Says:

    I know that Aldi has been making noises about getting into NZ since 2002 and it will be a good thing when they do because the public has a right to have cheaper prices for every day produce. The price of dairy items in NZ is criminal for a dairy producing country and Aldi will give the competition something to worry about. I am a NZer living in Aus and began shopping at Aldi while living in Brisbane and continue to do so in Sydney. The fruit and vegetables are very cheap and of good quality as are all the other products. The majority is Australian grown/made or from Germany and even some NZ stuff such as frozen fish fillets. I have noticed some items from China but I don’t buy food from that region. Once Aldi does move to NZ at least 80% of their products will be NZ produced as that is part of their policy so come on Kiwis get behind this supermarket and give the others a run for their money. You won’t regret it.

  4. Norbert Says:

    Kia ora !
    I am a German living in New Zealand since more than 8 years. Food prices in New Zealand are …
    If I miss only one thing from Germany, I miss ALDI very much.
    ALDI, please give at a go … Recession time is the right time to mix up New Zealand food prices.
    Greetings from Kaitaia, Norbert

  5. Murray Says:

    I’m a kiwi living in Brisbane but looking to return to NZ within the next few years. Aldi arrived in our neighbourhood a couple of years back and we were all very skeptical… but now I am one of a growing number of Aldi converts…. and if they come to your neighbourhood I’m sure you will be too.

    A few months back we had some friends over and conducted a blind taste comparison, Aldi vs Coles, in the marshmellow department Coles won, in the chocolate department Aldi won. My point is that personal preference will always play a part in your product selection.

    I agree with Mr Dennis that the fruit and veges are first class, and also that Aldi tend to only hold a single brand of each main item. However I would say their generic items are good-to-excellent in quality.

    My local Aldi provides excellent service – staff frequently know exactly what they hold and where they are, and if there is more waiting to be shelved. I would suggest that the quality of service is dependent entirely on the store manager and the people they employ. Our local store employs local people who provide great local service.

    I haven’t conducted a price comparison but I’m convinced that I am saving around 20-30% of what I would normally spend at Coles or Woolworths. That’s significant – a saving of around $30 every week.

    Of course this is all IMHO.

  6. Adrian Says:

    Regrettibly there is no “competition” in the NZ Grocery sector – at least not any more. Only 2 players and they stopped competing with each other about 12 months ago.
    Competition is not something well-regarded here in NZ and consequently consumers here get a very raw deal – most especially in the grocery sector!
    The encombants will desperately try and stop Aldi (or Lidl) getting into NZ – the question is whether the relatively small NZ grocery market will be incentive enough for a discounter to fight their way in.
    I do hope Aldi will come – IMO they are the best discounter, Lidl second and Netto a distant 3rd, but I’m not holding my breath, after all Goubay was frozen out.
    I think I’ll write to Aldi head office and do some pleeding on behalf of the railroaded NZ grocery consumer!


    (please excuse any poor spelling – it’s late)

  7. Yolande Says:

    I agree with all comments above relating to supermarkets. I’m currently living in Denmark and will be returning to NZ at christmas to live. I shop at Fakta, Netto, Aldi alongside the more expensive Superbest (like New World) for speciality items. Often these discounters have the same items as the more expensive superbest but much cheaper. ie. NZ anchor butter at superbest for nzd3.60 at Fakta/Netto/Aldi have it for nzd2.20 per block.
    When we lived in Holland we shopped at Aldi/Lidl and more expensive Albert Heijn (like New World). I shopped weekly at the local market for cheese, fruit and veg and chicken and eggs. Miss those markets.
    I hope the encumbant NZ grocery players will play fair and not be anti-competitive. Monopolies are never good! Think |Telecom, NZ Rail, Energy suppliers etc…Although, NZ is a small market and far away for these discounters. Out of interest, how would they fare against PaknSave and Countdown?
    Are there supermarket price comparison sites (you can see I’ve been out of NZ for a while).

  8. patricia Says:

    I am from the uk and have lived in NZ for 5 years. I was shocked and still am by the cost of food here in NZ. I used Aldi as well as some of the other major supermarkets (there are many!!) in the uk and i can say without a doubt that Aldi foods are on par with the other supermarkets, sometimes even better and almost always cheaper!
    We need Aldi to come here and stir things up as at the moment consumers are at the mercy and domination of the duopoly between foodstuffs and progressive. Increased competiton can only be a good thing as once Aldi makes its presence felt it will change the supermarket landscape forever and atlast the consumer will truly benefit!

  9. Goran Says:

    I lived in Germany and Australia,and ALDI is King…
    The food is as good and often better ,as they seem to keep their German standards even when outside the country.
    For the first timer it will look strange ,and the choice somehow limited ,but you will notice the difference in price instantly.
    In Australia I was able to fill up my trolley for around $ 100.
    In the other supermarkets it would be much more.

    Please ALDI save us….!!!!!!!

  10. Lynda Says:

    We have been shopping at Aldi in Brisbane for the past several years. It does take a few shops to get into ‘their’ way and products but it’s certainly worth it. I love the weekly specials.
    We have now moved to NZ and as I knew Aldi was not here we shipped over with our household belongings a carton of their beautiful salmon, the best I have tasted. I also love their German chocolate biscuits plus the beautiful Christmas fare- yummy!
    The face creme is second to none- just fabulous etc etc….
    I especially love the fact that they offer local produce wherever possible.

    Please come to NZ Aldi- I hope so before my salmon stock runs out.

  11. Kura Says:

    After 8 years of living in Sydney my husband and I returned home so he could study. We figured if we are going to be poor we might as well come home and be by our family. We didnt realise however that it would be the supermarkets making us poor (and the price of rental homes in Auckland) robbing us of our meger student allowance. With 3 boys under the age of 5, making ends meet is not an easy task.
    I miss Aldi terribly. When we first came back to NZ we heard rumours Aldi was trying to come here but foodstuffs and other suppermarkets put a stop to it. I would shop Aldi in an instant and I would travel to get to where ever it was cause I know it would be worth it.
    PS. My husband is in Sydney working until Christmas and I will be putting in my Aldi orders!!!

  12. dawn Says:

    we have lived in sydney for 10 years and are going home iat christmas for holidays we are from nz my family shop at aldis every fortnight as we are pensioners we find price and quailty is top what we are going to miss is the eton cracker biscuits as well as other foods i cant tell you kiwis you need aldis there as they have best price and quality of items is tops

  13. Graham Says:

    Bring it on I say as the Foodstuffs group has begun to faulter. The staff in these big stores have had enough! Look at the faces! Half the big sites in NZ dont have managers even or if they do they are not qualified. Time to lay the giant to rest and bring in Aldi!

  14. Sandra Says:

    I’m a Kiwi living in Oz and looking at moving back home. I LOVE ALDI!!! I do my major shop there and save a fortune. I love the products especially the skin care range and the cheap fresh veggies. NZ needs Aldi as a competitor and to give the people of NZ a choice instead of the big chains dictating for them.

  15. Lydia Says:

    ALDI you need to branch into NZ.
    a) To teach the Bigguns Progressive and Foodstuffs how a chain like yours worldwide can have some of the Lion’s share in little NZ’s supermarket chain pie!
    b) We the working people in NZ need to have decent items for decent prices and a great variety. You are already doing that!
    I would love to work for ALDI too.
    Agree with Sandra…BRING IT ON…
    And don’t worry, there will be many converts…!

  16. Mike Neumann Says:

    As I am German born I grew up with Aldi. I left Germany in 1994 to live in the uk. By then Aldi wasnt established in the Uk. I was appaled about the cost of living as the Supermarkets charged absolutly over the top. I then moved to Nz in 2005 and i can’t believe that Daylight Robbery is still legal. The supermarkets here (apparently owned by 2 Groups) Charge what the hell they like. Please Aldi come and save us we really need You…. Thanx Und Danke schoen Mike

  17. Michelle Says:

    Oh please say you are going to come to NZ! I lived in Australia for a while and I LOVE ALDI’s I will even work for you I love you that much. Your prices are fantastic and I still have my trolley coin, so you have to come so I can use it again.
    Please, please come, you won’t regret it. NZ needs you!!!

  18. Gerd Says:

    About time for a change and some decent products at a fair price ! Have been to Qld. on holiday and stayed in an appartment, self contained of course. All we needed to stock our pantry and fridge, more or less the basics and a few treats, we bought first at Coles ! Lasted a week, $200 !
    Then I discovered my familiar ALDI sign at a shopping centre in Robina on the Gold Coast and we did our shopping for the second week there and out of curiosity, we bought exactly the same items like the week before, plus a few treats as well.
    Should have gone there in the first place, we saved $100 !!!
    I am from Germany and I know ALDI like all germans pretty well, there it’s a middle of the road supermarket chain with a focus on affordable quality products for everyone.
    You can buy absolutely everything you need and more there, in Australia the variety isn’t as such yet but it will improve, I’m sure.
    But compared to most of the inflated prices in some of the dominating supermarkets in New Zealand (and Australia) and the comparatively low quality of their products, (lets be fair, some stuff here just doesn’t cut the mustard), ALDI delivers real value for money.
    A hundred bucks is a hundred bucks, and thats where the buck stops, doesn’t it !
    The sooner ALDI arrives on our shores the better, I’ll give them all my support ! Makes me proud to be from ALDI’s homeland too ! German Quality, simple as that !

  19. samir barguth Says:

    I am samir barguth I live in germany 5 years in nuernberg wanderer strasse 9 90431 nuernberg I am speaking german language as well I am working in the supermarket as well in new zealand in woolworths, foodtown an countdown for 5 years in prograssive enterprise Ltd and I have much experiance in chilled foods and frozen ,grocery and produce as well if you give a job I am ready to do the interview with any one ALDI sued in Germany is my first supermarket after markkauf as well thanks vielendank Tschuess aufweidersehen .

  20. Bree Says:

    I lived in Australia and when we moved back to NZ I always said I wish ALDI would have supermarkets here. I was so pleased to read the local paper to see that there could be ALDI supermarkets operating here in NZ.

  21. Lawry Says:

    I am European and I’m living in NZ since 2001.Initially shocked by the lack of products variety(whichever they are) against the prices asked for. Almost anything appeared to be at a luxury price for just simple common items (home appliances,furniture,hi-fi,…etc.).With the grocery the situation was slightly different : If in 2001 it was quite a difference by shopping at Pak’n Save (for instance) or shopping at Countdown , now this differrence -in grocery prices and affordability – does not exist anymore. The reason is the lack of competition on this field . The minimum requirement in any “healty” market is to have at least three “Big Players” together with a strong and effective anti-cartel legislation. So,it’s easy to see that Progressive and Foodstuffs they simply “shake the hands behind consumers”- because they haven’t the third “Big Player” on the market-and,for the reason,”dictating” the grocery prices in NZ. The German Group Aldi seems to be a good alternative as a third major competitor in NZ market with the hope that grocery prices will go down where it is their normal level. The food it is a bare necessity not a luxury product !

  22. Sue Says:

    Come on AlDI….come to New Zealand! PLEASE!!!!!

  23. samir barguth Says:

    Hey There I am looking for a job in grocery 0r chilled foods and frozen department I have experience 5 years in prograssive enterprise ltd countdown,foodtown and woolworths supermarkets before if you have any vecant to me pleas call me on my mobil number 0212934177 i live in germany before 5 years and I am speak german as well thanks.

  24. pam creek Says:

    I just can’t wait for Aldi to come to New Zealand – PLEASE come. The prices the two supermarket chains are charging here for everyday items that are needed is absolutely CRIMINAL!! Today I went to buy some middle slices of bacon that a week or so ago was $12.95 per kg, sometimes on special at $10.00 – today $19.95 per kg! How can they justify that??
    Aldi, I know is a good supermarket chain with realistic prices – my sister in England shops there all the time.
    Please Please come – there is a good site for lease not far from me where New World used to be, it would be just right for your supermarket.

  25. Marina Says:

    Oh my God,
    I have been trying for months to convince myself to research into opening a LIDL-like supermarket in New Zealand, it is exactly the right time for it especially after three major supermarket chains merged together resulting in poor advantageous bargains for the consumers.

    I come from Italy where Lidls are in every single city you go to, they always have great deals and the scramble marketing is great for bringing people in.

    LIDL …..I miss you!

  26. Eunice McIntosh Says:


  27. Jacqui Barrimore Says:

    Yes…I’m moving from UK to NZ October 2010. I do all my shopping at lidl. I would love a Lidl to be in NZ. I love the lentil soup (cold)

  28. Dwayne Jackson Says:

    I am currently living in the u.k but am moving back with my wife and two kids,
    We use aldi on a regular basis and find the quality to be pretty good,
    after reading the comments left on this site i hope aldi does move into New Zealand to shake things up a bit, living over here opens your eyes a bit in regards to all the different companies competing for your hard earned cash

  29. sonja Says:

    Aldi… please, please, please come to Auckland, New Zealand. We need you!

  30. REE Says:

    We too lived in Australia and have relocated back to NZ. Aldi is my favourite supermarket to shop and we never had an issue with the quality of food or service; They have amazing deals! I still go online and see what it has to offer (Sad, but true). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to NZ or I might just have to move back to Australia!

    Although NZ will always be my home, no matter where we live in the world, Its such a shame that more isnt done by the NZ Goverment to assist New Zealanders. Tax Cuts my A** the rise in food and living in Auckland, along with Petrol doesnt even cover or help towards this slightly! Also sad to hear that parents tell their kids not to have a glass of NZ produced milk or only a little one, as it costs more a litre than petrol!

    Help create a bit of competition and consumer choice for Kiwis and support Aldi coming to NZ.

  31. Alicia Powell Says:

    New Zealand NEEDS ALDI !!!! it saves you so much more on price, plus for me and my son that have a lot of food allergies, ALDI cater for that I have found so much more food for us to eat!! When I move back to NZ I will miss it so much, we need it!!!

  32. Gordo Says:

    They would have to put the 15 percent G.S.T on top of there products, Maybe why there reluctant on moving across.

  33. Margaret Medley Says:

    When i was in England 2009 i was told that Aldi would be going all over the world. I have been to the ones in Australia and love them. So why have we not got them in NZ. Where i think it would go down well. Also it will make other Super Markets think twice before putting up all there prices when Aldi prices are very good and very reasonable in everything they put out.

  34. Rich Parsons Says:

    The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus. –Bruce Lee

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