Anti Earth Hour blog

Before deciding how to celebrate Earth Hour tonight, check out the Anti Earth Hour blog. Turn on your lights (they’re more eco-friendly than candles), and submit your power-hungry pictures of what you did on Earth Hour!

5 Responses to “Anti Earth Hour blog”

  1. Adam Says:

    Dear people, I don’t understand what is all the fuss about this earth hour, for me it’s of no use. Don’t get me wrong I like the fact that people collaborate together for sustainability. But turning of the lights for one hour doesn’t help at all. It only saves money and not the environment. Now people use batteries and candles instead and those are not much better. It’s more effective if we would work that one hour and spend the money we made on a sustainable power production product and install it permanently. This can be a small solar panel or a wind generator, and this device will then produce electricity all the year and for many years to come. So if we collaborate together and create some large solar fields, we can! one day be without the need for a coal or nuclear power plant. Not even thinking about the new economy that we create.
    So for next time make it the “buying a sustainable power product day.” So that we can live via the (3p)² principal.
    = People Planet Profit Polluter Pays Principle: The principle that the polluter pays the costs of clearing the problems that are associated with the pollution that has been created for the next generation of people on this planet.

  2. TurkE Says:

    that’s exactly why I recomend TurdHour® as the better alternative.

  3. earth Says:

    As someone in another blog said…. If earth hour was during the week it would be more productive.

    Manufacturing companies, mills and etc. would shut down too. THAT would make a difference much more than households and some landmarks shutting their lights off.

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