How to make semi-soft butter

Andy’s excellent “Cooking with Andy” series has inspired me to share a recession-busting secret recipe that has been solemnly handed down our family from father to son since I invented it by trial and error last night.

Vegetable oils and butter are natural and healthy, but margarine has been chemically processed creating  unnatural trans-fats your body isn’t designed to cope with, and tastes disgusting. Its only advantages are that it spreads well and is far cheaper than butter. Semi-soft butter, despite being around 50% cheap vegetable oil, is even more expensive than regular butter – an absolute rip-off in my mind. It should be cheaper than standard butter.


Take one 500g block of butter. Melt in the microwave until creamy. Mix in 2 cups of vegetable oil (plain canola oil is fine) until well blended. Pour into containers (fills 2 margarine containers) and place in the fridge to set overnight.

Voila, you have just made your butter go twice as far AND made it spreadable!

Enjoy on your morning toast.

6 Responses to “How to make semi-soft butter”

  1. Andy Says:

    Thanks for passing on this recipe – venerated element of centuries of family tradition as it is.

    And for the commendations!

  2. ZenTiger Says:

    We just leave our butter out on the bench in a container. It’s nice and soft and oil free. Spread on hot toast and watch it melt in easily. Then dip the hot buttery toast in coffee to have the butter blend in with your morning drink.

  3. Mr Dennis Says:

    Zen, that is the tastiest way to have butter (I hadn’t tried dipping in coffee though!). But it doesn’t make the butter go twice as far as my method does!

  4. Lissa Huysmans Says:

    ok – i just gave this a go – cant wait till morning:)

  5. Lissa Huysmans Says:

    ok just gave this a go – cant wait till am:)

  6. Andy Moore Says:

    heh – Lissa’s comment drew my attention to this old post. am flattered by the compliment – and tempted by the recipe thanks Samuel.

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