The Napier siege could have been prevented

The Napier siege could have been stopped before it started with more lenient gun laws. The Herald states:

A fourth man, civilian Leonard Holmwood, was also critically hurt when he bravely tackled Molenaar – his neighbour on Chaucer Rd – and tried unsuccessfully to wrestle the firearm away from him after the police were gunned down.

Good on Mr Holmwood! He must have been able to sneak up on Molenaar while he was focussed on shooting at the cops. Molenaar can’t have seen him until he was close for him to be able to “tackle” him.

But wait a minute, what if Mr Holmwood had a gun? He could have shot Molenaar before he even noticed him, ending the siege before it had begun.

It is impossible to make a law that will prevent people like Molenaar from having guns. There are too many in the country, and criminals by definition don’t obey the law. But we could make it easier for people like Mr Holmwood to have guns.

Something to seriously consider.

One Response to “The Napier siege could have been prevented”

  1. Paul from Canterbury Atheists Says:

    Sam, I can only assume you haven’t read the same web site accounts I have, of what happened that day in Napier.

    Lenny Holmwood was in Molenaar’s house, literally having a cup of tea at his kitchen table, when his one-time mate ‘spun-out’ after spotting the Cops.

    So we all have this right, he was inside his house, when Molenaar began his murderous spree.

    Using your, or The Heralds ‘gun-friendly’ logic, Lenny should have ‘by right’ been bearing arms, like some spaghetti western, where every man carries a weapon.

    How could you ‘seriously consider’ Lenny Holmwood would be sitting around his mates kitchen table, with a his own loaded rifle at his side.

    Or are you & The Hearld suggesting Holmwood should have donned a Rambo bandanna & using his knowledge of automatic weapons, broken into Molenaar’s cache, and turned them on their owner?

    Mate, look at the facts of what happened that day, he bravely tackled his one-time friend – there was no time to go home and grab his gun or any other Hollywood scenario.

    I am not a anti-gun advocate, but suggesting Holmwood could have prevented the attack, or intervened to stop-it had he been armed himself, is from the pages of an American cop movie, and not realistic.

    I have owned a gun before & it’s incidences like this that will see a push to get guns themselves registered as well.

    Illegal gun ownership in the hands of a nut-case was the cux of what happened in Napier.

    Advocating more freer access, as in the U.S, will not happen.

    Holmwood did more than what most Kiwi’s would have, given the danger.

    See ya.


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