Thesis completed!

Finally, and only 3 months overdue (which is pretty good), my thesis is currently being printed for submission.

I am so glad to have that done! This blog has suffered a lot over the past few months, hopefully I’ll have more time to keep it going now.

9 Responses to “Thesis completed!”

  1. Lucyna Maria Says:


    Must be a real relief.

  2. ZenTiger Says:

    Excellent! Another milestone achieved. I recommend you do something to celebrate – all too often we let life rush by without stopping to appreciate the stepping stones we’ve laid to keep us on our path.

  3. Madeleine Says:

    Well done Samuel – that is a real achievement! Now you’ll have a good 2-3 years of blog posts up your sleeve if you break it down strategically.

  4. Matt Says:

    Congratulations, being only 3 months overdue is quite an achievement!

    Now you have to navigate the marking and hope you don’t have to do re-writes but even if you do, it is so good being out of the trying to complete it phase.

    Do you have do an oral defence? I didn’t have to but different institutions have different rules.

  5. Andy Moore Says:

    congrats Samuel!

    heheheh @ Madeline’s comment.

  6. MrTipsNZ Says:

    Congrats Mr Dennis.

    As we all know, theses are never completed, they are merely submitted 😉

    Well done and hope gainful employment ensues.

  7. Mr Dennis Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Zen: To celebrate I avoided the computer for the weekend, so didn’t see I had all these comments for a couple of days! We need to do something else too though.

    Madeleine: True! I’ve got a few post ideas from it already, but am waiting till it is accepted…

    Matt: Yes I have an oral, probably in 3 months. I’m sure there will be a few corrections to make after marking, no-one’s perfect, but I am very glad to get the bulk of the writing out of the way. Now I’m trying to write journal papers from it though, so MrTips is right, the work’s never really over!

  8. Ozy Mandias Says:

    Well done. What was the topic???

  9. Mr Dennis Says:

    Soil Science. I’ve spent 3 years studying dirt and cow urine! It’s a lot more interesting than it sounds…

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