Child misbehaving in public? How not to smack.

You’d think with all the positive parenting tips the Yes Vote crowd have, they would have some way of stopping your child misbehaving in the supermarket. But this is their advice:Yes, you read that right. If they are playing up in public, just give in to them and go home. Forget about buying groceries today, you can eat crumbs until you can next afford to drive to town.

It makes you wonder how many of these people actually live in the real world.

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6 Responses to “Child misbehaving in public? How not to smack.”

  1. squaredrive Says:

    Ummm, and how are parents supposed to ‘stop the show’ and go home? You mean, use physical force to restrain and drag off little Johhny (who is still screaming that he wants the chocolate the supermarket so carefully placed by the checkouts). More good advice from Sue Bradford’s experts…

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    “You mean, use physical force to restrain and drag off little Johhny”

    Thanks for pointing it out Squaredrive, even their solution is illegal! What a ridiculous law.

  3. peterquixote Says:

    sweet jesus dude
    this referendum is a waste of time
    we have a liberal follow the polls driven
    PM NZ John Key
    John Key no guts,
    sell your borders to Maori make me PM NZ forever in just bought more votes,

  4. Mr Dennis Says:

    Not a waste of time – if there is a low turnout it will be a waste of time, but if there is a high turnout Key can be hassled with it until he is forced to give in.

    As you say, Key is a “follow the polls driven PM”. So let’s give him a poll he would ignore at his peril.

  5. Chuck Bird Says:

    Key will take notice of the poll but not till closer till the election. I am not sure what his game is but is seems to be to to not get too far offside with the Watermelons.

  6. peterquixote Says:

    don’t be so sure of yourselves dudes,
    don’t be so sure that we won’t soon give away the foreshore,
    for PM John Key PM NZ as a swap for Auckland,
    there is a weak soft underbelly in this New Zealand Society, that is we are beer drinking isolated tv1 stupid,
    sorry dudes,
    prepare for the re emergence of Winston,

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