This is the weblog of Samuel Dennis, who stood as the Family Party candidate for Selwyn in 2008. What is written here should be considered entirely his own thoughts, for party policy visit www.familyparty.org.nz.

Samuel is married with one child, and has lived in Selwyn for most of his life. He attends Victoria Street Chapel in Glentunnel.

He attended Glenroy Primary and Darfield High schools, and was Proxime Accessit to the Dux in his final year at Darfield. He grew up on a farm and has worked on both sheep and dairy farms, and for an irrigation company, all within the Selwyn electorate.

He has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (First Class Honours) from Lincoln University, and is currently completing his PhD in Soil Science there. He has been in the Republic of Ireland over the past two years conducting research towards this degree.

While in Ireland Samuel became concerned about the restrictive yet arguably ineffective environmental legislation used in Europe, and resolved to oppose such policies being implemented in New Zealand. He has also been concerned by the government passing moral legislation over the past few years that was against both Christian principles and the apparant will of the general public (examples being the smacking legislation, the Electoral Finance Act, and the Prostitution Reform Act).

021 2534315

Unauthorisation statement:

This blog is not authorised by Samuel Dennis, who is not printing his residential address here, because blogs are excluded from the Electoral Finance Act 2007 section 5(2)(g).

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sarah Sutherland Says:

    Hey sam,

    Good luck from your second cousin 🙂


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