Global cooling?

Amongst all the predictions of global warming, here is a scientist (Professor Don J. Easterbrook) “putting his reputation on the line” on a prediction that:

“temperatures will cool between 2065 and 2100 and that global temperatures at the end of the century will be less than 1 degree cooler than now. This is in contrast to other theories saying that temperatures will warm by as much as 10 degrees by 2100.”

Professor Easterbrook is a geologist, and seems to base this prediction on current and historical trends. I have no idea whether he is correct or not, he could be completely wrong. The article shows a number of other people who also believe the earth has stopped warming.

I post this not to say global warming is wrong, I make no assumptions about that, but to point out that there is disagreement and a need for a Royal Commission of Enquiry into Global Warming, to base our policy on science and economics rather than popular theory.

Hat tip: No Minister