David Farrar advertising Moslem wives

Here’s a rather interesting screenshot from Kiwiblog today, click for a larger view:

screenshotI didn’t expect to see Moslem wives being advertised there! Interesting article by the way, a Turkish cafe owner kicked out some Israeli women as a protest against the Gaza war. I would have no problem with this (the cafe is his own property after all) if it were also ok for to kick Moslems out as a protest against Hamas. But I wouldn’t want to try that in NZ, you’d get in too much trouble. Crazy double standard.

Kiwiblog login

I sometimes have difficulty logging in to Kiwiblog, and this lasts for a day or so usually whenever it occurs. This is frustrating when people are asking questions about your comments but you cannot reply. Does anyone else have this problem?

Sorry to anyone waiting for an answer from me, if you want a question answered when I don’t seem to be active on Kiwiblog post it here.