PM: “National will kill you”

Well, she nearly said that. Helen Clark is now claiming that if National had been in parliament, and sent troops to Iraq, 60 NZers would have died and National would have “had blood on their hands”. Now that claim probably a load of rubbish, as David Farrar points out, and Helen Clark tactfully ignored the fact that she sent troops there herself for a whole year, but the real issue isn’t whether her claim is real or not.

The real issue is – is this a new low in the campaign? Or will Labour sink even lower in their mudslinging?

This is shaping up to be the dirtiest election campaign Clark can wallow in. And it will only get worse. Although I don’t see quite how you can get much worse than claiming National would have killed 60 NZers, I’m sure Labour will come up with something.

And we still haven’t seen ANY 2008 Labour policy yet.