Who would use Windows?

Yet another nasty Windows virus is on the loose, providing more challenges for security experts. I love that I can sit here at my Ubuntu Linux computer secure in the knowledge that even if I were sent this virus it couldn’t do a thing to me. If you want to feel that secure yourself, Linux is free to download.

5 Responses to “Who would use Windows?”

  1. Ministry of Health gets virus « Samuel Dennis Says:

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  2. kiwipolemicist Says:

    This week I’ve been trying a Ubuntu live CD (Feisty Fawn) and it was very simple to use. I’d like to fully switch to Ubuntu but at this time it isn’t possible for reasons beyond my control.

    A lot of the freeware I use comes from the Linux community and (with the exception of Gimp, which is weak on user-friendliness) it’s generally easy to operate and has all the features I want. I’ve yet to find a piece of software from Microsoftinthehead that does just what I want without adding a pile of useless feature and taking away my control of the software. Either that or it doesn’t have the features I do want. Also, the methods of operation are so bizarre that I wonder if they keep their coders locked in a room and feed them LSD.

  3. Mr Dennis Says:

    If you want a more user-friendly version of Gimp, try Gimpshop – it has been tweaked to have the same menus etc as Photoshop. Hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to switch over at some stage in the future – you could try on an old bomb of a computer first if you like. I’m currently working on an old P3 I got from the dump (seriously!) as my laptop is away being serviced – Linux works on old equipment quite nicely.

  4. kiwipolemicist Says:

    Thanks Samuel, but Gimpshop won’t work with my portable Gimp and the development on the Windoze version stopped long ago. I did try something similar, but found that the lost screen space was a problem (I have a 14″).

    Now I have the image full screen and use keyboard shortcuts to pull up the other windows that are hiding in the background. The shortcuts are fully customisable (you gotta love those Linux coders) and a piece of paper jogs my memory. There’s also a right click menu so I turned off the menu at the top of the screen to gain more space.

    The bright side is that there’s minimal visual clutter, ie only what you’re currently working on is visible.

  5. Mr Dennis Says:

    Yes, keyboard shortcuts are great. I have programmed keyboard shortcuts to run every program I use and virtually never touch the menu – much more convenient.

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