Nanny state gone nuts

Just saw on Campbell Live, a kindergarten is struggling with crazy regulations around gate latches:

  • The Council, according to the building code, requires a gate latch to be low enough to allow disabled access.
  • The Ministry of Education (and all sensible parents) require a latch to be high enough to prevent children escaping onto the road.

These laws are mutually exclusive. This is the craziness you get when you have overly detailed building codes – buildings made to satisfy the book, rather than built logically. We need fewer, sensible laws, rather than the current bureaucratic nightmare.

3 Responses to “Nanny state gone nuts”

  1. kiwipolemicist Says:

    Regulation is the death of common sense.

    That’s an original line so if you use it I’ll be charging royalties 🙂

  2. Sb Says:

    Suspect Cambell has got it wrong again!

    The goverment latch rule is a health and safety issue, those trump council rules everytime.

    The way round it would be to install a signal system to signal staff when somebody needed assistance with the gate.(buzzer – bell)

    Must have been a slow news day at TVNZ


  3. Mr Dennis Says:

    He actually interviewed the council, and they would have liked to be more flexible but were forced to follow the government building regulations. Installing a signal system would be perfect, and they would like to do so – but that won’t satisfy the building regulations. I think he’s got it right (and that is TV3 not TVNZ).

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