SPCA are common thieves

I have lost what little respect I had left for the SPCA.

In their latest exploit they have stolen the meat from a Tongan man’s umu in Mangere, simply because someone at the SPCA didn’t like what they were eating.

Because it was a dog.

Now they are frustrated they can’t prosecute anyone for it because the dog was killed humanely. This is ridiculous. It is the SPCA themselves who should be prosecuted for common theft – taking meat for no reason (they themselves admit that it is completely legal to kill and eat your own animals), and offering no compensation or even apology.

So, because the law doesn’t let them dictate what meat you can eat, they now want more laws so they can prosecute people for this. Derek Haddy of the SPCA says “Unfortunately under the Animal Welfare Act, nothing covers what you can do with an animal after it is dead” – and wants the law updated. But hang on a minute – why should the Animal Welfare Act have anything to do with what happens after an animal is dead? An animal can’t suffer after it is dead, why shouldn’t you eat it then? And what moral standard are they using to dictate what meat is ok and what is not?

I shall now ignore the SPCA until they offer a formal apology and compensation for this blatant theft.

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2 Responses to “SPCA are common thieves”

  1. peterquixote Says:

    Yes but the SPCA are having to acquaint themselves with the law of the land:
    they employ emotional people,
    they don’t and can never understand the similarity of different meat types,
    here’s a well cooked cat,
    and in other places a cow, or dog,
    one of the reasons humans succeed
    is that we eat almost anything,

  2. Tochukwu Says:

    ”So, because the law doesn’t let them dictate what meat you can eat, they now want more laws so they can prosecute people for this” I quote. Am Tochukwu From University of Nigeria Nsukka department of Philosophy. Should we give animals moral consideration? The Animal Liberationist says that we should not kill nor eat animals. They should be given moral consideration. Please View my school website http://www.unn.edu.ng/ for more information. Thanks

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