Green party profile

The Dim-Post has an excellent satirical profile of the Green party. My favourite quote:

Stands For: Social justice; poverty reduction, achieving a progressive economy, restorative justice, making New Zealand a truly equal and egalitarian society. The party remains deeply divided over whether it should also promote environmental policies.

Many a true word is spoken in jest. Although the Green party gets heaps of votes from people who think they’re the eco-friendly option, in practice the policies they have actually managed to push through are social things, like banning smacking – which most of the country is opposed to. They focus on meddling with people’s lives and promoting extreme socialism, and do little for the environment. If you care about the environment, don’t vote Green – vote for a party that will actually help the environment, and has practical, workable policies that don’t undermine private property rights.

Such as The Family Party of course!

3 Responses to “Green party profile”

  1. greenfly Says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that you left off the Greens rating from the Colmar Brunton post before this one Mr Dennis. Were you uncomfortable with their 9% ? That’s a lot of support, isn’t it! They are doing very well.

  2. Mr Dennis Says:

    Greenfly, in all my posts on polls I have left off everyone above around 3%. The Greens are doing well, and if principled left-wing voters get fed up with Labour their vote may increase further. But the Greens polling results are discussed in more detail elsewhere on the blogs. I am discussing the smaller parties.

  3. greenfly Says:

    Fair enough Mr Dennis – my mistake!

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