America, guns, and Campbell Live

According to Campbell Live, Americans are panic-buying guns in the wake of Obama’s election. Business is up over 400% in some stores. Obama campaigned in part on tightening America’s gun laws, so this is completely understandable. I’d probably be doing exactly the same if our laws were about to be tightened (still further) here.

But how does Campbell Live illustrate what this is about? Using a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting, calling for more restrictions to stop such events because guns are bad. Well pardon me, I thought that shooting occurred because guns were restricted on campus so no-one was able to stop the shooter. Virginia Tech is the perfect illustration of why America should NOT be tightening the gun laws. There are so many guns in circulation there that the criminals have no trouble obtaining them, so restricting guns just leaves their law-abiding victims defenceless. In New Zealand, with far more restrictive laws than the USA, criminals have no problem obtaining high-powered weapons. Think how much easier it would be in America.

Look out world, arguably the most powerful man in the world is now a socialist. We can expect a lot to change in the next four years.

3 Responses to “America, guns, and Campbell Live”

  1. Campbell Live follows party line « Something should go here, maybe later. Says:

    […] Live follows party line Samuel Dennis points out a silly thing that happened on Campbell Live […]

  2. kiwipolemicist Says:

    “Look out world, arguably the most powerful man in the world is now a socialist.”

    I agree, except for the “now” part: can you name a post-1900 US president who wasn’t a socialist?

    But I agree that Obama is a new and more dangerous animal: a friend of communist terrorists, arguably a black supremacist and arguably a Muslim. Definitely subject to Muslim influences in his childhood.

    I agree with what you say about guns: if a criminal is threatening me with lethal force I have the right to respond in kind, but the state limits my methods of response.

    There are also severe limits when it comes to defending myself and my property with non-lethal force:

  3. peterquixote Says:

    yesterday I drove my girlfriend out for a walk in Christchurch, a road rage critter crept up behind me because I drive so slowly.
    He drove me off the road and pulled me up and spat in my face .
    I needed a gun.
    I am going to get a gun.
    I will kill people who attack me

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